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1nce Again

week1.jpgWeek 1: Sunday Run
When my friend Warren and I initially walked to the meeting spot for the team in front of the Santa Monica Civic Center, I was amazed at the turnout for this upcoming season. It felt great to see many alumni coming back as captains, mentors, and participants. There were so many new faces, I couldn’t wait to meet every one of them. Many of my TNT friends were surprised that I was back yet another season, because I was pretty vocal about taking a break from TNT. It was surely a last minute decision to do it again, but what motivated me to do it all over again was to join with my closest friends who have not run a marathon before.

The last time I ran was about a month ago for the Arizona Full Marathon. 26.2 miles. This week, it was THREE miles. It was a timed run, so I tried to give it my all. Why was I struggling to finish? Sure, I didn’t really do my usual interval training (5 minute run, 1 minute walk), but you’d figure that after running Arizona, this should be easy. Well, it wasn’t. It was definitely better than my first season, but it’s not cake. It felt like I had to re-train again. My time? 31 minutes. Ok, I have to kick back on the beer intake.

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